Altricia Pretty In Blue

Altricia Pretty In Blue – DOB 05/02/2007.

Altricia Miss Mollie

Altricia Miss Mollie – DOB 16/10/2009 – Mollie was successful in the show ring but took a break to produce our lovely Carrie.

Sh Ch Altricia Promises Promises JW

Sh Ch Altricia Promises Promises JW – here with handler Joanna.

Altricia Red Mercedes

Altricia Red Mercedes – DOB 16/09/2004.

Altricia Reds In Fashion

Altricia Reds In Fashion – DOB 23/12/2005 with Madge & Willow in the background.

Altricia Lotta Love

Altricia Lotta Love – DOB 28/07/2012.

Altricia Promise To Tri (Tina)

Sh Ch Altricia Promise To Tri (Tina)

Altricia Promise

Altricia Lady Paige

Altricia Lady Paige – DOB 17/07/2010.

Altricia Lady Paige